World History


Mr. Funk’s, Mrs. Skouby’s and Mr. Parson’s Class Expectations

  1. 1. Come to class willing to participate and learn.

  2. 2.Be respectful of your classmates and their possessions.

  3. 3.Be respectful of your teachers and their possessions.

  4. 4.Be on time to class.

  5. 5.Come to class with necessary supplies.

  6. Something to write with

  7. Notebook paper and folder

  8. Textbook when necessary

  9. 6.No electronic devices or cell phones allowed out at any time during class.

  10. 7.No beverages (other than bottled water) allowed at any time during class.

  11. 8.No working on other subjects or reading other books at any time during class.

  12. 9.No hats or hoods are to be worn at any time during class.

  13. 10. No sleeping, closing your eyes, or putting your head down at any time during class.

Unit resources

Chapter 5:  Enlightenment & The American Revolution 
  Class Notes
  Enlightenment Handout   
  The U.S. Government Notes    
  Liberal or Conservative.pdf  
  Chapter 5 Section 1 Notes 
  Chapter 5 Section 1 NotesANS   
  Chapter 5 Section 2 Notes
  Chapter 5 Section 2 NotesANS
  Chapter 5 SECTION 3 Notes.doc     
  Chapter 5 SECTION 3 NotesANS.doc
  Chapter 5 Review Handout.doc 
  Chapter5 Review Handout wt Ans  
  Quizlet (Online Test Practice)
  Quia Matching: Test Review (Online)
  Quia Quiz: Test Review  (online)
Enlightenm't Unit Review: wt answers
Enlighten't Unit Review: blank            
 2nd Quizlet Practice  
  1 Essay Prep Question   

Chapter 6 & 9: Revolution  
  The French Revolution Notes
  World of Wonder.pdf   
  Chapter 6 Section 1 Notes
  Chapter 6 Section 1 Notes wt ANS  
  Chapter 6: Section 2 Notes:  Reign of   Terror  
  Chapter 6 Section 3 Notes: Ppt
  Chapter 6.3 Essential Questions
  6.3,6.4,9.3 Ppt Notes wt Answers: Napoleon and Latin America   
  Chapter 9: Latin American Rev-1.ppt    
  Revolution Study Guide
  Revolution Study Guide wt ANS 
 Quia Test Review Online

Chapter 7&8 Industrial Revolution
  7.1 Handout wt Answers       
  7.1 Powerpt Notes.pdf
  7.2 Handout.pdf
  7.2 Handout wt Answers          
  7.2 Powerpt Notes.pdf
  7.3 Handout.pdf
  7.3 Handout wt Answers  
  7.3 NewIdeas/NewSocietyANS.pdf 
  Era Of Industrialization.pdf
  Video Worksheet.pdf
  Video Worksheet wt ANS.pdf   
  Factors of Production.pdf
  Online Test Practice (Quia)  
  Online Interactive Review  (Quizlet)
 Quizlet allows you to print a list or flashcards, provides test practice, and games like Scatter.   
  Class Notes/Outline
 Ppt Notes 8.1.pdf
 Ppt Notes 8.2.pdf    
 Ppt Notes 8.3.pdf  
 8.1 Guided Reading_BLNK.pdf  
 8.1 Guided Reading_ANS.pdf  
 8.2 Guided Reading_BLNK.doc    
 8.2 Guided Reading_ANSWERS.doc   
 8.3 Worksheet.pdf     
 8.3 Worksheet wt Answers.pdf
 The Era of Industrialization: Advantages/Disadvantages worksheet wt answers
 Industrial Revolution Review ANS         
  Online Test Practice (Quia)  
  Online Interactive Review (Quizlet)
  14 Quick Test Questions 
 Unit Review     

Chapter 10:
10.1 and 10.2 Worksheet_blank      
10.1 and 10.2 Worksheet_answers

Chapter 11:  Imperialism
  11.1 Notes_Blank.doc  
  11.1 Notes_ANS.doc
  11.2 Notes_Blank.doc   
  11.2 Notes_ANS.doc  
  11.3 Scramble for Africa.doc    
  11.3 Scramble for AfricaANS.doc  
  11.4 Notes_Blank.  
  11.4 Notes_ANS      
  CH 11 Imperialism Map Activity.doc       
  Study Guide_Blank.doc   
  Study Guide wt answers.pdf        
  Quizlet Practice  (Online) 
  Practice for Extended Response  
 More extended response practice 

Chapter 10:  Nationalism
  Nationalism leads to Militarism.ppt     
  Map:  Unification of Italy_ANS 
  Map:  Unification of Germany_ANS 
  Russian Revolution Review.doc    
  10.1-2 Italy & Germany:  Ppt Notes wt ANS.pdf  
  10.3 Class Notes wt ANS.pdf 
  10.4 NotesANS.pdf
  10.3-4 Ppt Notes wt ANS.pdf    

1st Semester Exam Guide 2013.doc                                                   (Blank)
  Study Guide Ans-1st Semester 2013.doc
(with Answers!)
Online Exam Review    
Quizlet Online Exam Review   

Chapter 12:  World War I
  WWI_Map Assignment.pdf 
 12.1 Notes_blank    
 12.1 Notes_Answers   
 12.2 Notes_blank   
 12.2 Notes_Answers  
 12.3 Notes_blank   
 12.3 Notes_Answers     
 Battle Notes_ANS.pdf        
 12.4. Notes_Blank.pdf
 12.4 Notes_Answers.pdf      
  Treaty of Versailles_answers.doc
  WWI StudyGuide_blank   
  WWI StudyGuide_answers           
  Online Review Practice
Note: Map practice for just what you need on the test is below with a star.  You can use the following to learn more and earn extra credit on your test!
  Map of Europe Tutorial     
  Map of Europe Game 1   
             (You can select just a region at a time)
  Map of Europe Game 2  
  Map of Europe Game 3
  Map of Europe Game 4 
 Test Review: Matching    
 Test Review: Quiz   
 Test Review: Quizlet Flashcards, other 
 Map quiz with just the required countries   

Chapter 13: Post WWI
  13.1 Notes_blank   
  13.1 Notes_answers   
  13.2 Notes_blank   
  13.2 Notes_answers  
  13.3 Notes_blank  
  13.3 Notes_answers 
  13.4 Notes_blank     
  13.4 Notes_answers 
  Animal Farm Video link (YouTube)  
  Animal Farm worksheet_blank    
  TOTALITARIAN NOTES_answers      
  Stalin Ppt Notes.pdf   
  Stock Market Crash handout  
  Study Guide Blank_2013.docx   
  Study Guide with ANS-2013.doc  
  Test Review: Matching Squares  
  Test Review: Practice Quiz  
  Test Review: Quizlet  

Chapter 14:  World War II
  14.1 Worksheet   
  14.1 Worksheet with answers
  Map Worksheet: Europe & Pacific at start of WWII  
  Maps from text to do worksheets    
  14.2 Worksheet  
  14.2 Worksheet with answers  
  14.3 Worksheet  
  14.3 Worksheet with answers  
  14.4 Worksheet  
  14.4 Worksheet with answers    
  Steps to War_.pdf
  War Propaganda worksheet_blank  
  War Propaganda worksheet_wt answers
  World War II Battle Chart    
  World War II Battle Chart wt Answers     
  American Letter.doc
  Dear Mother and Dad.pdf   
  Holocaust Reading.pdf     
  Nuremberg Article.pdf 
  Preview Vocab for Nuremberg Article
(NOT required for class) 
  Nuremberg Worksheet    
  Nuremberg Worksheet wt Answers  
  Study Guide_Blank  
  Study Guide_ANS.doc
  Test Practice: Matching Squares  
  Test Practice:  Quizlet     
  Test Practice  (in progress)

Chapter 15: The Cold War
  15.1 Notes/Guided Reading    
  15.1 Notes/Guided Reading wt answers  
  15.2 Notes/Guided Reading  
  15.2 Notes/Guided Reading wt answers 
  15.3 and 15.4 Notes/Guided Reading   
  15.3 and 15.4 wt answers   
  Dateline: America 1945-1950 
  1950-1970 Cold War Notes  
  1950-1970 Cold War Notes wt Answers 
  Map: Directions   
  Map: Completed.jpg   
  THE WALL_Blank.doc  
  THE WALL_Answers.pdf   
  Cold War Study Guide: blank
  Cold War Study Guide: wt Answers
Students should complete ALL test practice to prepare for entire test.
  Test Practice: Matching Squares  
  Test Practice: Quizlet  
  Test Practice: Multiple Choice  

Chapter 16 & 17: 
The Contemporary World
16.1 & 16.3 Guided Reading  
16.1 & 16.3 Guided Reading wt Answers
16.2 Guided Reading.pdf   
16.2 Guided Reading wt Answers.pdf   
17.1 & 17.2 Guided Reading   
17.1 & 17.2 Guided Reading wt Answers
Last World History Worksheet: Blank  
Last World History Worksheet: wt Answers   
Middle East Map: Blank  

SLO Study Guide

Semester 2 Exam Review
Final Exam Study Guide_Blank  
Final Study Guide_Answers

Exam Practice: Matching 
(35 items- repeat activity to see them all)
Exam Practice: Extended Response    
Exam Practice: Quizlet!   
Exam Practice: Multiple Choice, Matching
 More to come.... 


Page 380 Map for WWI Map Assignment.

Rise of Fascism and Militarism Video (click)

The U.S. builds wall of isolation, while conflict builds in Europe and Asia.  Click picture for video.

Propaganda video:

Berlin Airlift:  Click picture for video

Presentation: French Revolution Part I
Presentation:  Napoleon, 100 Days, Waterloo
Click here for Communism overview/foundations
Presentation: Rise of Napoleon